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We have compiled a list of the most common questions that are asked when considering hiring a pet sitter. Please email us if your question has not been answered here. 
Q  My dog and cat get upset if someone isn't in the house all night. Can you stay overnight in my home?  
A  Overnight care is becoming increasingly popular and there are pet sitters who do provide this service. I personally do not, however I will be happy to help you find a sitter who does, just email me!  
Q  You talked about 3 visits per day, but my cat won't need you to be there that often, does that mean we can't hire you?

A  Not at all! One visit per day is fine if that is all your particular pet require, however a minimum of 2 visits per day for dogs is optimal.. Our fees are based on number of visits and pet type. We mentioned 3 visits per day because that is the most requested schedule.

 Q  What happens if my plane is delayed or we get held up in traffic, you will have left the key in our home after your last scheduled visit won't you?

 A No. The key should never be left in the home, and should always be returned to you in person. If you anticipate being late, we would appreciate a phone call, however, sometimes that just is not possible. We understand, and as your pet is our main priority we will make that unscheduled visit without being asked. That is why it is also important to contact us as soon as you return home, thus avoiding any unnecessary fees. 
 Q What happens if my pet gets sick while we are gone, or there is an unexpected bad weather situation?  
 A The vet release section of the agreement which you sign will take care of the legal side of things, but as far as emergency care is concerned we will use our judgment to safeguard the health and welfare of your pet at all times. We would also ask you to leave a phone number where you can be contacted if at all possible.
Similarly, in a bad weather situation we will make the judgment call to protect your pet. Fortunately, in our area, we get advance warnings of severe storms such as hurricanes, and you should be able to make your own arrangements prior to the event occurring.

 All pet owners are encouraged to have a personal emergency plan in place for their pets. 


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